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Apartments for rent Training When the new high-rise apartments are ready for you

When the new high-rise apartments are ready for you

Los Angeles residents looking for a new high rise apartment should check out one of the new apartments that will soon be on the market in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The apartment building at 3303 Broadway is the new apartment of choice for people looking to make the move to the city from the suburbs, according to a press release from the LA Times. 

According to the release, the three-story building at the corner of Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard will be ready for occupancy on April 19. 

“The complex’s designers have been working tirelessly to bring a new sense of modernity to the building that reflects a mix of contemporary and classic styles,” a spokesperson for the building told the LA Time. 

This new highrise apartment building has been named the tallest building in the city and it will feature some of the most impressive views in Los Angeles, including the iconic tower that towers over the LA skyline. 

There will be approximately 1,600 apartments in the complex, and it is expected that most of them will be priced at between $2 million and $3 million. 

A recent LA Times article highlighted some of those amenities, noting that residents can expect to live in a space that will look and feel like a high-end, luxury apartment. 

The building is being designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and features an extensive landscaped courtyard that will provide a welcoming space for residents. 

One of the main reasons that the building will appeal to the masses is that it will have a rooftop deck that will offer a view of the city, while still being accessible for walkers and other cyclists. 

In addition to its rooftop deck, the building is expected to feature a rooftop pool, which will feature a retractable glass canopy, and an outdoor terrace. 

When it opens in April 2019, the apartment building will mark the latest in a long line of high-rises that have been built in Los Angels. 

Construction on the project has been underway for nearly five years, and the project is expected in time for the start of the Summer Olympics. 

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Image credit:  Los Angeles Times.

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