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Apartments for rent Connection ‘It’s like the best way to be in town’: A new hotel in downtown Columbus

‘It’s like the best way to be in town’: A new hotel in downtown Columbus

Columbus, Ohio — The hotel where Mayor Mike Pompeo and other dignitaries attended the state funeral of President John F. Kennedy is going up next month.

Cities are often in need of new hotels, and the Ohio State Fairgrounds is getting a new one to replace the old hotel.

The Fairgrounds, a massive complex with multiple hotels, restaurants, theaters and shops in downtown Cleveland, opened in 1968 and is home to the Ohio Basketball Association.

It’s the second Columbus hotel to open in the past decade.

The Cleveland Clinic is opening its new $25 million, three-story hotel in 2016.

And the Fairgrounds also will be home to a new convention center, which will include an arena for wrestling, basketball, golf and tennis.

A spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation said the Fairground is scheduled to open July 8.

The building will be the second major building to be renovated since the city began renovating parks and other public facilities during Pompeo’s tenure.

The first was the state Capitol, where Pompeo was sworn in as governor in 2017.

Pompeo has said that his administration is committed to helping people find a better place to live, and he said he plans to keep that goal in mind when deciding whether to rezone the Fair Grounds property.

The fairgrounds’ renovations began during the Obama administration.

In January 2017, the city received $3.4 million from the National Park Service to demolish the buildings and rebuild them.

The Trump administration, which was appointed to oversee the fairgrounds renovation in 2017, did not comment on the new hotel.

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