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Apartments for rent Stories How To Save Money When Renting In Section 8 Apartments In India

How To Save Money When Renting In Section 8 Apartments In India

Apartments in Indian cities are a good option for young people looking to save money.

They are cheap, they are clean, and they are well-appointed.

Here are the most common complaints from young people who live in such properties.

Renting in Section 8 apartments: A common complaint from young women is that they are priced at Rs 1,000 per month or more.

“It’s very unfair that the average rent in a Section 8 apartment is Rs 1.5 lakh per month,” says Anand Bhattacharya, an independent property analyst based in Bengaluru.

“There are people in our generation who are not happy about this.”

One common complaint about a Section eight apartment is that it is too large.

“You have to be able to fit in an entire bedroom, a bath and a kitchen,” says Sanjeev Jain, a 27-year-old who lives in a 10-room apartment in Bangalore.

“People who live on Section 8 say they want to live in a communal home but it’s a nightmare.”

Most young women, including Bhatticharya, prefer apartments with smaller units.

They also prefer to live on a smaller rent, because of the smaller space, says Jain.

A small apartment with a small kitchen can be a good compromise if you want to save a bit of money, says Bhattocharya.

He adds that young women who want to move to bigger apartments will be able live in smaller units as well.

In some sections, the rent for a Section 7 apartment is just Rs 300 a month.

“The rent is not that bad, but it is not much compared to other parts of the country,” says Bhaticharya.

Apartments for young professionals: “We have young professionals who are interested in moving to a bigger apartment.

They want to get a good place to live,” says Jaitley.

“We are looking at renting a house or apartment in one of these areas,” adds Bhati.

“A lot of young professionals like to live close to their friends, or to work in the same office,” adds Jain of the Bangalore-based Jaitleys Urban Housing and Development Company.

Apartment for professionals: The cheapest place to rent in Bangalore is the Section 8, where the average apartment rent is just under Rs 2,500 per month.

The rent in this area is not particularly cheap, but a lot of professionals do not like living in large apartment buildings.

Jaitles Urban Housing, for example, offers a house in a section 8 apartment for Rs 3,000.

“I live in this house and it is quite big,” says Raju, a 21-year old who lives with his parents in the area.

“But the rent is quite reasonable and the space is quite large.”

Apartments are cheaper than renting a bungalow, where rents can be up to Rs 5,000 a month, says a 20-year veteran property developer who did not want to be named.

“In a bungala, there are some amenities that are better,” he says.

The biggest complaint about renting a Section 9 apartment is the size.

“If you are looking to live near friends or colleagues, then I would recommend you to rent a Section 12 unit instead,” says another property developer.

“Section 12 units are smaller and the amenities are much better,” adds the developer.

Section 9 flats are a luxury, however, and are usually located near busy roads.

“Most people in this sector have an office nearby, which is a luxury,” says the developer, who does not want his name to be published.

“Even if you rent a unit in a large residential complex, you have to live here, otherwise you will not be able do anything,” he adds.

The second most common complaint is the price.

“Rents here are quite high,” says a resident of a large housing complex in Bangalore who did a survey on the rental market.

“Many people rent to stay in the neighbourhood, so they will be getting a lot from a Section 18.

It is more expensive,” he said.

The most expensive housing option in Bangalore, however is a one-bedroom apartment, where rent is between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 10 lakh per year.

A one-bed apartment can be rented for Rs 1 crore, and a two-bed can be priced at up to up to three crore, says Gajan Gopinath, an estate agent based in Mumbai.

“This is a great option for a young professional,” he explains.

Rent for a new resident: “The most expensive apartment is a Section 10 in Bangalore,” says Shailendra, who works as a real estate agent in Bangalore and is also an associate editor of Real Estate Weekly.

“With such a large apartment, you can rent for anywhere from Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore.

You can also choose from a

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