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How to buy a $3 million house in Melbourne for $2.2 million

By Mark BrownPublished December 06, 2018 12:15:03For more than three decades, Melbourne has been Australia’s most expensive city.

But that’s not stopping people from buying homes for as little as $2 million.

Now the city has the perfect opportunity to go up a gear.ABC Radio Melbourne is reporting that Melbourne will be getting its first apartment building that’s twice as big as the average Australian house.

This will be the biggest development ever in the city and the first apartment complex to be built in the CBD, as the suburb of North Melbourne will get the largest number of new apartments in the state.

The ABC is reporting the apartments will be available to people of all ages and will feature a range of amenities including a spa, an infinity pool, a gym and a private terrace.

The development is set to be completed by the end of the year and will see approximately 4,000 apartments, 1,000 of which are affordable to people on the Lower North Shore.

The city will also get the biggest apartment complex in Australia.

This will be Victoria’s largest development to date.

This development is expected to have a total of 2,200 units.

The suburb of Glenelg is currently home to the country’s largest apartment complex, which has a total capacity of about 4,800 units.

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