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Apartments for rent Training When You Want to Live in a Luxury Apartment: Find the Best Tenant in Scottsdale

When You Want to Live in a Luxury Apartment: Find the Best Tenant in Scottsdale

A few months ago, the Fox Run apartments, a 20-unit apartment building in Scottersdale, Arizona, were sold to a group of investors led by an anonymous donor.

As you might expect, the apartment building was designed to appeal to a certain kind of investor, one who would like a place that was both modern and upscale.

That’s precisely what the owners were hoping for when they sold the building in April of 2017 for $3.7 million, or $7,500 per square foot.

Fox Run’s previous owners, a team of former executives who had also invested in other properties, had bought the building for $1.8 million.

The Fox Run group, led by a local real estate agent, decided that the best way to build a brand was to build one that would be recognizable to both local residents and tourists.

The property, which had been on the market for three years, would be located near the Phoenix International Airport and had a good mix of commercial, residential, and retail space.

But the group also had to build the unit a certain way.

They wanted a unit with a large, open kitchen.

They had to make sure that every kitchenette had a sink, a dishwasher, and dishwasher and dish was dishwasher-free.

They also had a couple of units with a small kitchenette.

So the first step was to make the unit very small.

The unit that was built would be the only one in the building, and they had to get rid of all of the units that weren’t as large as the Fox River apartments.

The units that were smaller, they had smaller kitchens, and the units with the larger kitchens had bigger kitchens.

The first unit of the new Fox Run was a kitchenette, which is a common kitchenette design for a single-bedroom apartment.

But this unit had a full kitchenette and two smaller kitchenettes.

The second unit had two smaller kitchens.

They even removed the sink from the second unit, so that it was smaller, but still large enough for all of these units to fit together.

Fox River Apartments owner Sean Hernández said that the second and third units had all the same layout.

They were all built in the same building, so they had all these same appliances and plumbing.

In fact, they did all of their plumbing for the whole building.

The owners had planned to remodel this unit a year ago, but because of the recent market downturn, they decided to just sell it to someone else.

It was a great move.

It meant that we were going to have the same design for the units as the existing owners, which meant that they could do whatever they wanted.

Fox Ran said that their goal was to get the unit into as many units as possible.

They did a few of them already, including the one with a sink.

FoxRiver is currently under construction and has four units in the area, which includes the current building.

They’ve also bought the second Fox Run unit that has a large kitchenette in order to add a larger one, which they hope to be finished by the end of the year.

The company says that the new unit has an extra-large kitchenette on top of the existing unit, which could mean that this unit can house a bigger kitchen.

There are still several other units in Fox Run, including a kitchen that has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two fireplaces.

The kitchen has a sink on the front and a dishwashing machine on the side.

FoxRun also plans to add additional units in a few months.

They’re currently trying to raise the funds for the renovation of the current Fox Run building.

In the meantime, Fox River is building new units.

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