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Apartments for rent Connection How to buy and sell in Fort Lauderdale apartment market

How to buy and sell in Fort Lauderdale apartment market

A growing number of Fort Lauderdale apartments are available on the market, and it’s up to you to choose which is right for you.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest units and apartments in Fort Lauderdale.


Bent Tree Apartments, Fort LauderdaleThe Bent Tree apartments have some of Fort Lauderdal’s most stunning amenities.

Located in the heart of Fort Lane, Bent Tree has a master suite with marble floors and a spacious living room with two full bathrooms and a fireplace.

The house has a fully stocked kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms, along with a large patio.

The penthouse has a fireplace, as well as a deck overlooking the ocean and the downtown skyline.

The unit also includes a large fitness center with an elliptical gym and an outdoor swimming pool.

The two-bedroom unit includes a master bathroom, and the two-bathroom unit includes an upstairs balcony with an oversized balcony.

The three-bedroom apartment also includes an expansive master bedroom with a full bath and a queen bed.

The master bedroom has a full-sized vanity and a full kitchen.

The balcony has a private deck overlooking Fort Lane and the Downtown skyline.

Fort Lauderdale has a reputation for being the most expensive place to live in the U.S., but this Fort Lauderdale unit is a bargain for those looking to stay at the top of the luxury market.


L’Oreal Fort Lauderdale, Fort LauderhillThe L’Oréal Fort Lauderdale Apartments at 830 Fort Lauderdale St. offer luxury amenities including private balconies, a spa, and private pool.

Lola’s luxury apartment has a kitchen, dining room, living area, and a living room.

The home also has a large balcony, an expansive living room area, a full size laundry room, a separate bedroom, and an open-plan kitchen.

This Fort Lauderdale home also features a large living room and an extra bedroom.

The Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Suite features a kitchenette with a fully-furnished living area with an island-style bed and a fully furnished bedroom.

This unit has a living/dining room with an extra queen bed, an oversized living room room, an outhouse, and full access to the patio.

This home also includes multiple full bathrooms.


Doyel Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale apartments offer the perfect blend of upscale and luxury.

The Doyels Fort Lauderdale luxury apartments at 910 Fort Lauderdale Ave.

offer a private balcony, spa, pool, and outdoor fitness center.

This condo also has an out-of-the-way living area and two private bedrooms.

This is a condo with a huge balcony overlooking Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area.


Drexel Fort LauderleyFort Lauderhill apartments offer a variety of luxury amenities.

The residence at 727 Fort Lauderdale Blvd.

offers a living area that has a sun deck, a sun lounge, a private pool, a fire pit, and fireplace.

This apartment also features an outback deck with a fireplace and an expansive dining room.

This house also features two bedrooms and a walk-in closet.

This residence also has several balconies overlooking Fort Lauder Hill.


Bentleigh ApartmentsFort Lauderdale is a popular place to purchase a condo, and these Fort Lauderdale condominiums offer an attractive mix of amenities.

This property at 461 Fort Lauderdale Boulevard offers a beautiful waterfront location, a spacious master suite, and lots of living and dining room space.

The property also includes access to a walkway, a fully enclosed backyard, and ample parking.

The suite features a full suite with a living and dining room area.

The full-size dining room also includes two large patios, and this unit includes two separate bedrooms.

The bungalow also has full access.

This Bentleighter is located in the Fort Lauderdale skyline.


Eucalyptus Hill Apartments Fort Lauderdale’s Eucyptus Hills are also known for their beautiful location and luxury amenities, but they also have a few more features.

This condominium at 559 Eucys Hills Ave.

has a well-stocked living and master suite that includes a private walkway and private patio.

Additionally, the condo has two bedrooms.

Eocalypts Hills Apartments offers a wide range of amenities including a fitness center, a deck, and spacious living and lounge areas.


Aventura Apartments Aventuras Fort Lauderdale property boasts a well stocked, well-appointed living and living room that features a custom built deck and a private terrace.

This two-bed apartment also has access to two private patios and a large out-back deck.

This area also includes several balconys overlooking the city.

This location also has multiple balconies and the living and garden area.

This Aventury home also offers an open kitchenette, an open out-building, and plenty of outdoor space.


Pascagoula Aventuras Fort

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