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How to build a dream house in Northwood

How do you build a house in a Northwood neighborhood that’s not the most desirable place to live?

It’s easy to do so, and even easier to do it with a $1.4 million basement suite.

The $1,400,000 Northwood apartment complex, known as the SteepleChase apartments, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and three large bedrooms.

The two-story apartment building sits on about 1.6 acres and features two floors of parking, four bedrooms and four baths, according to a listing on real estate website

The listing shows a garage with a garage door, and the unit is covered in a stainless steel door and glass.

It has a balcony and a living room that seats 12 people, according the listing.

Northwood apartments is located at 1240 N. Central Ave., Suite 200, Northwood, FL 33712.

(Photo: Courtesy of Northwood Apartments)Buy Photo One bedroom, two bathrooms, three baths at Northwood’s $1-million Steeples apartments in Northwoods, FL.

(credit: National Review)Northwood apartments also has a laundry facility, a gym, a fitness center, a movie theater, a pool and a restaurant.

It also has two other apartments with similar features: One apartment at 711 W. Central Avenue, Suite 200 in Northridge, FL and the other at 2245 W. State St., Suite 300 in Northgate.

Both apartments feature a deck and are listed for $3.4-million.

Both Northwood and Steepleys apartments have a garage, according a listing.

The Northwood condos also have a large swimming pool, a large laundry room, a kitchen, an indoor and outdoor fitness center and a rooftop terrace.

Northwood’s apartments have been vacant for a while, according Northwood property owner David DeJesus.

He said he was looking for a new place to put his new condos and his existing apartments, so he sold the former Northwood home to the Northwood Development Corp. of Florida for $800,000 in August.

The Northwood developers, who were previously a part of the Florida Real Estate Development Association, also recently purchased the former Steeplades apartments in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for $1 million.

That was in March.

The listing also shows a 1,400-square-foot, one-bedroom unit at the Northridge location for $6,800.

The apartment has a large balcony with a view of Lake Eola, a deck, and a separate deck for a second-story deck.

The unit has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a laundry room and a walk-in closet.

The exterior is painted a light gray, according Realtors.

The pool, the indoor and outside gym and the restaurant are all listed.

Northridge also has three apartments with a large garage: The one at 605 N. Main Ave., Unit 250 in North Ridge, FL; the one at 812 N. 2nd St., Unit 300 in Hernando, FL.; and the one on the north side of the same complex, at 3200 W. 3rd St., with a parking garage.

The building also has an outdoor courtyard and a second deck with a patio.

The Steepley condos also has four apartments with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in North Lake Eolas, FL: One at 930 W. Main St., Units 300, 300, and 300A; the other with two bedrooms and a kitchen at the rear of the property, at 1612 W. North Ave.; and a one-bedroom, one bathroom, two-bathroom, two bathroom unit in the back of the building at 1222 W. 2, Suite 300.

The listings are the latest in a string of condo deals in the Northside community.

Last month, the Northwoods Condos sold for $8.9 million to real estate company Denton Properties.

The former Steeps apartments were sold to a condo developer in July for $2.8 million.

The Steeplets are also listed for sale in Fort Myers.

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