Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent Training Cambridge apartment building to build more than 1,000 homes

Cambridge apartment building to build more than 1,000 homes

Cambridge’s proposed development of 1,250 apartments and housing for the homeless will include the site of the historic Church of St. Paul, as well as the nearby historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

The development is the second phase of the city’s long-awaited redevelopment plan.

The Church of Saint Paul, which dates back to 1832, is being converted into apartments and a two-story residential building with two separate floors of apartments and two different floors of affordable housing.

The project will include a gym, a meeting room, a kitchen, and a guesthouse.

The plans were unveiled on Tuesday and the developers will have to meet an environmental impact report by July 2018.

Cambridge Mayor Susan L. Coats said the new apartments will be designed to meet the city and its residents’ needs, while providing opportunities for residents of the surrounding neighborhood to live and work in the community. 

More: Cambridge Mayor says ‘greatness’ of new apartments is thanks to history “Cambridge is the city that I grew up in,” she said.

“It’s my home, and I want people to feel that they can come here and experience the kind of warmth and community that I think is unique to this city.” 

More information: Cambridge City Council to approve new housing, including 1,125 apartments and 1,500 housing units, as part of long-anticipated redevelopment of St Paul’s Cathedral, May 24, 2019. 

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