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Why the US government wants to demolish your home

The US government has been trying to make grandparent homes disappear in the country for decades.

They’ve done it by issuing decrees and issuing orders to move people’s homes. 

But now, they’re finally getting serious about it, and they want to make them illegal.

They’re not just trying to clear the way for a few wealthy Americans to buy up the houses they already own; they’re also trying to stop people from buying up the homes they don’t have. 

In a new filing, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has asked a federal court in California to allow them to demolize some homes that were built before 2010, and move them into government-owned buildings. 

They’re also asking a judge in San Francisco to order the government to seize the homes.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the National Association of Realtors, argues that the homes are in a state of disrepair, and that the federal government can’t force the owners to sell them.

The homes, in San Leandro, were built in the 1940s and ’50s by the now-defunct San Francisco Realty Corporation, which was later sold to the City of San Francisco.

The homes were purchased in 1999 by a man named Kevin Hines, and he sold them in 2015 to a local developer, and later to a developer named Frank Vos. 

The developers wanted to build a new, upscale home for themselves, but when they tried to build the house, they were turned down by the City and rejected by the federal housing agency. 

So, they bought up their existing homes in the area, which they planned to build their own, and moved them to the new homes.

Hines, however, sued the government over what he said was the government’s lack of transparency over its actions in trying to forcibly buy up homes in his name. 

A federal judge agreed with the government and allowed him to sell his existing homes.

In 2016, the judge ruled that the government did not have to buy back the homes or to give them to Hines. 

“It is not possible to determine with certainty whether or not the houses are in good condition,” the judge wrote in the ruling.

“Nor is it possible to be certain that there was any intent to convert the properties to use as affordable housing.” 

However, a different judge has since ruled that some of the properties are in fair condition. 

As a result, the houses were demolished. 

HUD has been issuing orders for the government-issued buildings in the San Francisco area to be torn down since 2012, but the government has never actually done anything about the homes in question. 

Now, HUD is asking a federal judge in California for an order that it seize the properties and put them into the National Register of Historic Places. 

It’s not clear whether the order will be a temporary restraining order, which means the government will be allowed to keep the homes and move the people into government buildings, or a permanent order that would allow the government keep the properties, and allow the owners of the homes to keep their homes.

If HUD is able to move the homes into government properties, it will be the first time that the US has done so in decades. 

Hines filed a lawsuit against HUD and the US General Services Administration in 2014.

The suit claimed that the properties were in “severe disrepair” and that they were “substantially in disrepair,” which means they were in bad repair and not fit for human habitation.

The government denied the claims.

HUD has not responded to a request for comment.

The US government also wants to buy homes in some other states, as well.

In February, HUD sued two other states over the same properties.

In response, a judge ruled in the case that the HUD lawsuit should be thrown out.

The judge said that there is a distinction between “a property being substantially in disarray” and a property that is in a “state of disarray.” 

The judge did not say what that means in the HUD case, but he did say that the state laws governing historic preservation should apply to the properties in the government buildings.

In the case of the San Leoregos, HUD had tried to buy the homes from Hines in 2016, but they were rejected by a court in San Mateo.

HUD then tried to sell the properties from Hine in 2016 and again in 2018.

HUD was able to purchase them in 2019, and the properties will be demolished in 2021.

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