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Apartments for rent Stories Why it is a good idea to live in six feet of space

Why it is a good idea to live in six feet of space

The first two floors of a residential apartment block in central Jerusalem’s Har Homa neighborhood have become an ideal living space for a group of young people from the city’s ultra-Orthodox community.

A three-bedroom apartment that is situated in a two-story apartment building has become the center of the community, said the group of about 30 people.

“We’ve been living in Har Homas for about a year now and we’ve been very happy,” said Yossi Beilin, 21, a student from the nearby Yeshiva University.

“The living area is very large, with several balconies,” Beilim said.

“It’s quite spacious.

Beilimi said that, like most other residents of the area, the group decided to move to Har Homas after their father was diagnosed with cancer. “

But the main reason we moved here was the apartment is very close to the university, so we could come back every day.”

Beilimi said that, like most other residents of the area, the group decided to move to Har Homas after their father was diagnosed with cancer.

Beilini’s father, Yossin Beilino, was a resident of Har Homs, as was Beilinos mother.

According to Beilinis mother, Yuli, his condition worsened over time, leading to cancer.

“My father passed away recently, and my mother and I wanted to make a new life for our children, so our family decided to live here,” Beiliini said.

Beiliin said that he was among those who found the apartment in the midst of a building that was undergoing renovation.

“I came here to enjoy living in this apartment, and the area around it is quite pleasant,” Beilyin said.

The group of people decided to purchase their own apartment to move into because of the health and security issues that were prevalent in the neighborhood, said Beilani.

“When the building was built, many people who were homeless were sleeping in the apartment,” Beilein said, adding that they were “quite happy” to have such a comfortable home.

Beilyim and Beilineri said that they also moved to Har Ha’am in the hope of finding an apartment that would fit their needs.

“At first we tried to rent an apartment for around 100 dollars, but the rent increased after we purchased our apartment,” said Beilyini, who said that his income was now around 300 dollars a month.

“However, the rent was much too expensive, so the group took out a loan for it,” he said.

Although Beilyi and Beileri were happy to have the new apartment, they said that their friends were also interested in the property and wanted to stay there.

“This is where we have our apartments,” Beilerin said of his new home.

“Most of my friends are staying there, so they are very happy.”

The group said that after spending the past year and a half in Har Ha’tas apartment, Beilins friends and family members were beginning to ask for a new place to live.

“Some of our friends have become very interested in moving to Har ha’am,” Beiledini said, “but our families are demanding that we stay here.”

Beilerini said that although the group had the apartments in their hands, the family still had not received any offers of new apartments for the neighborhood.

“Since we don’t have money for our living expenses, we are in a constant battle with our financial situation,” Beidelini said of the situation.

“If the price goes up and we cannot pay, then we’ll have to go somewhere else.”

Beilyis father, Beilerino, said that the group is not going to leave Har Ha’mas any time soon.

“After living here for three years, I’m still amazed,” Beiserino said.

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