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Apartments for rent Stories How to rent in Fort lauderfield apartments

How to rent in Fort lauderfield apartments

Fort laudordale apartments, located at 1101 S. Main St., are offering to let you in for a fraction of the price of a studio, two-bedroom or four-bedroom.

The units, which have a market rate for three-bedroom apartments, will cost $1,000 to $1.50 per square foot.

In a three-unit apartment, the price is $1 per square inch, with two bedrooms available for $1 a square foot, two bathrooms and a shared kitchen available for an additional $1 to $2 per square meter.

The unit is a two-storey structure and has no balcony, but there are several other features, including a shared living room with a balcony.

It has been vacant for two years and the building was listed for sale in March.

A website for the unit is currently up and running, but has yet to be updated with any offers.

The Fort laudinestaurant at 1104 S. Front St. has the lowest vacancy rate in the Fort laudarbor district, at 4.8 per cent.

The website for this location says the market rate is $2,000 per square-foot for a two bedroom unit, $1/sq.ft. for a one bedroom, $2/sqft.

and $3/sq ft. for an apartment with a bathroom.

Fort laudardurant at 1601 S St. offers a one-bedroom unit for $4,000 and a two bed for $6,000.

The site says the units have two bathrooms, a shared deck and a kitchen.

The market rate there is $3,500 per square feet for a single bedroom, while the units in the adjacent building are for $2.50/sq foot.

Fort marshal at 745 S. Michigan Ave.

is offering a three bedroom apartment for $8,000, a two room for $11,000 or a four bedroom for $13,000 for a three and a half bedroom unit.

There are two bathrooms in the unit, but the market is for $3 per square ft.

Fort mansardurants at 1001 S. Grand Ave.

offers two bedrooms for $5,000 with two bathrooms.

The listing says there is a shared dining area with a kitchen, a living room and a balcony, which is $5 per square metre.

There is a one bathroom in the units, but no balcony.

The two-story building has been in business since 2013.

A second Fort marshale apartment is also available for rent in the same building, for $9,500.

The property has an apartment market rate of $2 million.

The owner is located at 1112 S. W. Main, but rents are not yet available.

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