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Apartments for rent Stories Which are the best apartments in Seattle?

Which are the best apartments in Seattle?

What are the most expensive apartments in Washington?

A lot of the time it’s not clear what the median price of a place is, but it does show up in listings on real estate sites.

Here are the top five apartments in downtown Seattle that are worth the price of admission.


Bellevue Apartments, 900 N. Broadway, Bellevue, Wash.

Sold for $3.8 million in September 2018.


The Park Apartments at 1555 N. Lincoln Ave., Seattle, Wash., sold for $1.2 million in November 2018.


Park Tower Apartments 2201 E. Beacon St., Seattle.

Sold in April 2018 for $2.6 million.


Columbia Tower Apartment at 3455 W. Jefferson St., Bellevue.

Sold by the year for $4.7 million.


Park Apartions at 7500 W. King St., Ballard.

Sold to developers in March 2018 for about $2 million.

The apartments are currently on the market for $7 million and are in the heart of Ballard.

What to know about apartment rentals in Seattle: • Many apartment buildings have no on-site parking, and they can be found in parks, parks with lots of people, or on streets near the downtown area.

The park apartments are among the best.

• Many apartments are on the ground floor and offer one or two bedrooms.

• Some apartment buildings offer the option of a second-floor balcony for those with more than two bedrooms available.

• The Park Tower is the most popular, and it’s been in operation for more than 30 years.

• If you live in Seattle and you want to rent an apartment in a high-density, transit-friendly neighborhood, consider one of the new apartment complexes like the Park Tower, Columbia Tower, or the Columbia Apartments.

The new condos in these buildings have been built in conjunction with the city’s new urban development program.

• A few apartments are for low-income families, and a few are for seniors.

• There are a lot of options for rent in downtown.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from a single-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment.

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