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Apartments for rent Training The Lad, the Dangers of Renting a Home

The Lad, the Dangers of Renting a Home

The Lad article Dallas has seen a wave of new construction on apartment complexes, with the average rental unit going for about $1,300 a month.

But it also has seen some apartment complexes that have been in the process of building for years with no vacancy.

What’s more, many of those projects are clustered in Dallas’ southernmost suburb of McKinney.

While it’s possible that the new buildings are just being built as part of an overall plan to bring people to the suburbs, many residents are concerned about their future.

The latest example of this concern came in the form of a condo development being built on the same site as the apartment complex, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The developers have also moved into a second apartment complex near the apartment development.

The apartment complex had no vacancies at all when it was being built, but the developers moved in at the same time as the condo development, which has vacancies.

The condo development is the only one of the two apartment complexes being built in the Dallas area that hasn’t been built as of now, according to a statement released by the developers.

It’s also unclear what the future holds for the two other apartment complexes.

Both are slated to be built in a new development called the Dallas Center.

As a result, many homeowners in the area are not happy.

“It is unfortunate that this new development will cause such hardship to many residents and to those already impacted by the housing crisis,” the homeowners group Dallas Homeowners said in a statement to the Dallas Observer.

“While we have been able to make great strides in the past several years, this new project will create new hardships and displacement for many more residents in the future.”

Dallas Homeowners added that it’s important for those who live near the new apartment complex to understand that the apartment complexes aren’t going to be for everyone.

The development was announced in January, with plans to create a new community for seniors in the development.

While the new development is intended to provide housing for the area’s elderly population, some residents are worried about the new developments being a gateway to other communities that aren’t being built.

“It’s going to give us a real headache to get them to go to the next community,” said resident Mark Paz.

Paz lives about a block from the project.

He said the apartments are “not going to make much of a difference” in his neighborhood.

He’s also concerned that the project will open up an avenue for people to live near other new developments in the same area, something that he says has been a problem for years in his area.

Another resident, Kelli Jones, said that if she didn’t have her condo, she wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a home near the development that she’s living in now.

Jones, a retired nurse who has lived in Dallas for 27 years, said she would prefer not to live next to the development now, because it is too close to her neighborhood.

“The only reason I’m living there now is because of the new project,” she said.

“I would have to have a house right next to it.”

The project is expected to cost around $1.5 billion, according a statement from the developers released by Dallas Development Corp., the developer behind the project, the Observer reported.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has been outspoken about the need for a strong development in the city’s southwest, where he said a lack of housing and schools is leading to an influx of people who aren’t contributing to the city.

Some of the residents who spoke to The Lad said they feel that the developers are taking advantage of them and are trying to help the area stay stagnant, the paper reported.

They also say they’re not happy with the developers because of some of the policies they have.

One of the first developers who announced a project to redevelop the McKinney development said the project was a response to the influx of homeless people who moved into the area.

He told the newspaper that the development was being developed to provide more affordable housing for homeless people, which he said has been the case for decades.

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