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Apartments for rent Stories How to get to the top income restricted apartment in Houston

How to get to the top income restricted apartment in Houston

In a recent article, I talked about how I lived in a luxury apartment in downtown Houston for several years.

For the last couple years I’ve been doing a lot of travel to different cities.

In that time I’ve gotten to see and be part of some amazing apartments in different cities, including a luxury hotel.

I was able to get ahold of an apartment in the heart of the city, and it was a fantastic experience.

But I’m going to tell you about one of the apartments I was in for a while.

It was called the Oceanside Inn, and the location is in the Oceanview neighborhood of Houston.

I think it was in the city limits of Houston, but it was probably in the area of Houston Beach.

It was in a high rise apartment building in the south end of the Ocean View neighborhood.

And that’s when I first heard about it.

I saw that it was for sale, and I called them and I said, “I’m interested in renting this.”

And they said, “[It’s] not going to happen.”

They just weren’t interested in it.

So I called back a couple of days later and they said that they were going to look at it.

And then a couple days later, it was sold.

I love the fact that it has such an iconic location.

It’s a beautiful, historic building.

And you have to go in to the front door, because you can’t see the whole building from the street.

It had this massive fountain that was actually a fountain, and there were these massive, giant, gorgeous glass windows that were like giant mirrors that reflected the sun and reflected light onto the ground.

And it was really spectacular.

It really is a great apartment.

It also had a great view of the ocean and the Houston skyline.

So it was just a perfect location.

But the problem was, when I was there, it didn’t have any elevators.

It didn’t even have an elevator.

It did have some elevators at the front, but they were pretty narrow, and you couldn’t really get in or out of them.

So there was really no way for me to get anywhere.

And there was one place in particular, which is the restaurant, where you could go to get food, but not from the elevator.

And so I was stuck in this apartment with no place to go.

So for the last few months, I was living in this hotel that I rented for a month, and that hotel was a very small space.

And I had to be very careful with how much I was using it for.

Because there were so many other people in the hotel.

So every night, I would get up at like 4:30, get on my bed, and then go to the bathroom, because there were no toilets in the apartment.

So the toilet was really a necessity.

And also, there was this little place in the front that you could get coffee from, which was a really nice place to do a quick coffee break.

And there were other times where it was kind of like a problem of having to use an elevator, because I would walk up to a hotel to get coffee or just walk up and take a shower, and all of a sudden there was a hotel elevator right next to the hotel that had no elevator, and they just didn’t want me to go there because I was a homeless person, because the hotel didn’t rent any rooms for people who are homeless.

So my rent would be $3,000 a month.

And the hotel would pay me $1,000 every month for the first two months, but after that, they’d be like, “No, you’re not getting any more rent.”

And so, I really didn’t know how much time I was wasting out there.

I’m very aware that it’s a luxury place.

It has all the amenities that a luxury location can offer, and if I had been there for six months, there would have been no room to fit in.

And, so I just tried to be a good tenant.

And one of my roommates would get really frustrated and say, “How can I help?”

And I would say, [I’m] a really good tenant and I have no problem staying in the luxury apartment.

And he said, you know, “Oh, but I want you to have a roommate.”

And I said no, I want him to stay in the luxurious apartment.

And then one day, one of those other roommates, I remember this guy came into the apartment and said, [Hey, I have a question] and I was like, [Let me just] answer it for you, because this is the guy that’s living in my apartment.

He was like a friend of mine, and he said this, and we were like, Wow.

That’s really awesome.

And when we were talking about this,

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