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Apartments for rent Connection Why we need more affordable apartments in Omaha, Nebraska

Why we need more affordable apartments in Omaha, Nebraska

The city of Omaha is hoping to build more affordable housing.

Omaha’s population is projected to hit a record 6.4 million in 2024, and its unemployment rate of 8.9% is still among the lowest in the US.

So what will it take to make affordable housing affordable for the average Omahaite?

The city has put out a call for proposals.

“We are trying to create a community that is inclusive and affordable to everyone,” said city manager Tim Dutchess.

“There is a need for housing that is affordable for all, and we have been talking to a variety of developers to try to find that in Omaha.”

“We have been looking for some sort of affordable housing in Omaha and have been able to find a developer willing to invest in it,” Dutchetss added.

“The city has been very supportive and willing to do everything we can to make it happen.”

Dutchesess said the city has had two projects under way to build affordable housing, but the city will not reveal the exact cost of those projects until the final bids are submitted.

Omaha is a city of more than 16,000 people and sits on the edge of the Midwest, making it the perfect location for a new housing project.

Omaha has a population of more, but that population is expected to increase to nearly 22,000 by 2030, according to the latest census figures.

The city will need to find at least 1,000 new units to meet the new demand, and Dutchiess said that could take up to 30 years.

“We are not going to build this new housing right now.

We are just trying to get people to move out of existing homes that are in the city and into these new developments that we are creating,” he said.

The development of affordable units is part of a broader effort to make the city a better place to live, and the city is working to ensure its residents are able to access the affordable housing needed to do that.

“The city is focused on providing opportunities to those who are in need,” Dukchess said.

“What we are doing is putting all the resources in place to make sure we can provide people with the opportunity to live here in the next generation.”

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